Leister Plastics Welding Equipment Leister Hot Air Heater  Tecnodue Butt Welding & Universal Laser Systems all - we have every Plastics Welding Equipment you need here诚博国际游戏下载代理

Weldheat Equipment (M) Sdn Bhd, is a major  supplier of 诚博国际游戏二维码代理 and all associated accessories and Hot Air Heater in Malaysia since 2003. Since establishment, we are honoured to represent a number of world renowed manufactures and brands to distribute their Plastics Welding Supplies and act as service centre in Malaysia. Some of the Main Brands are LEISTER, WELDY,TECNODUE, GEOTRUST and UNIVERSAL LASER SYSTEMS.Today, we supply an extensive range of top industrial quality 诚博国际游戏下载代理 and accessories at low cost, including Automatic Welding Machine, 诚博国际游戏登录下载, High Frequency/Ultrasonic Plastics Welding Machine, 诚博国际游戏线路注册, Hot Air Blower, Extrusion Welder, Welding Testing Equipment ,HDPE Wedge Welder, Geotrust HDPE Geo-Membrane,and more.

Contact us today for a free consultation on the suitable Plastic welding诚博国际游戏地址安卓Equipment, 诚博国际游戏软件官网and Laser Engraving , Laser Marking &  Laser Cutting, anything you need for your industrial and commercial applications.

Plastic Welding Malaysia | Main Brand

Weldheat Equipment Is Specialized in Leister Thermoplastics Welding Equipments, Leister Hot Air Heater, Leister Hand-Held Extrusion Welder, Leister Wedge welder, Tecnodue Butt Welding Machine for Plastics, Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting, Laser Marking, Ultrasonic Welder, High Frequency Welder. THE MAIN BRANDS : LEISTER , WELDY ,TECNODUE,GEOTRUST & UNIVERSAL LASER SYSTEMS.

Leister Welding Machine Application

Plastics Fabrication Welding, Civil Engineering & Tunnel Construction Welding, Hand Extrusion Welding Oversize PE Pipe, Palstics Engineering Welding, HDPE Landfill Welding, Vinyl Floor Welding, Roofing Welding, Industrial Fabrics Welding , Curtain Sided Truck, Butt Welding plastics Pipe, Spark Tester, Socket Fusion, Hot Wedge Welding, Hot Air Welding, HDPE Water Tank Lining, Aquaculture Pond Lining. Laser Engraving, Laser  Marking, Laser Cutting.

Plastic Welding Equipment COMPANY

Weldheat Equipment produces superior quality of plastics welding equipment & hot air equipment & Laser Engraving and GEOTRUST Geo-Membrane to our clients by maintaining very close tolerances at low cost. Our objective to use the best local talents and advanced tecniques to implement compliant solution that will work for our clients first time and every time.